How EdmodoCon Participation Transformed Lives?

Participating in professional learning events such as EdmodoCon can have a profound impact on educators, as it allows them to connect with peers from around the globe and learn from their experiences. We recently had the opportunity to speak with several educators who have participated in EdmodoCon in the past, and they shared some inspiring stories about how the event changed their lives.

One educator, Chassie Selouane, described EdmodoCon as “the best professional learning experience of my life.” Selouane, who is a teacher and administrator from Dubai, participated in a panel about Supporting the Whole Student at EdmodoCon 2016. She said that the opportunity to meet other educators from around the world who shared her passion for teaching and learning was truly invaluable. It emphasized the significance of being a global citizen and gave us a unique opportunity to acquire new abilities and concepts from areas we likely would not have connected with prior to Edmodo!Dunne was impressed by EdmodoCon’s international angle, noting that connecting with educators from various countries increased his admiration for them. He found the event highly rewarding.At EdmodoCon 2016, Alejandra Guzman discussed data-driven instruction, which ultimately inspired her to grow her career. She has since established her own consultancy, High Five Science.She expressed her ambition to become a visionary in the near future, working as an educator during the day and a visionary “ninja” in her free time. Selouane said.

Another educator, Kathleen Dunne, a middle school counselor from Oceanside, New York, also participated in the same panel as Selouane. Dunne appreciated the global perspective of EdmodoCon, saying “Having met educators from all over the world, my appreciation for the work of these fine professionals has grown…It was a wonderful experience on so many levels. I felt I grew as a professional and as a person.” She also added that the experience reminded her of how passionate teachers are and that held true no matter what corner of the globe they represented.

Finally, Alejandra Guzman shared how EdmodoCon inspired her to expand her career and skillset. At EdmodoCon 2016, she spoke about data-driven instruction. She recently started her own consulting business High Five Science, where she shares ideas related to technology, effective teaching strategies, and data use. Guzman is also leveraging social media and her educational blog to collaborate more and expand her educational network globally. She said 鈥淚 aspire to become more of a visionary in the near future…educator during the day and visionary ninja at night!鈥

These stories demonstrate how participating in professional learning events such as EdmodoCon can be a life-changing experience for educators. It provides opportunities to connect with peers from around the globe, learn new skills and ideas, and grow both professionally and personally. If you have a story to share or want to participate in a panel, let us know! Our team at Edredo has always been the biggest advocate for professional learning to have a profound impact on educators.

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