Where to Find Your Lost Edmodo Classroom Resources?

Edmodo, a popular online learning platform, announced in 2022 that it was shutting down permanently on September 23rd of that year. This meant that educators would no longer have access to their accounts, instructional content, or student data. In preparation for the shutdown, Edmodo urged teachers to log in before September 22nd and download their data and content.

After the shutdown, all data from Edmodo’s 100 million users worldwide was permanently deleted, and users were no longer able to access their account data, including classroom resources.

For those who missed the deadline for downloading their data, it may be difficult to find their former Edmodo classroom resources. However, there are a few potential options to consider:

  1. Check Backup Devices: Teachers who were able to download their data prior to the shutdown may have saved a copy on a personal device or external hard drive. Checking these devices is the first step in finding lost resources.
  2. Reach out to Colleagues: If you shared resources with other teachers on Edmodo, they may have saved copies of those resources. Reaching out to colleagues and asking if they still have access to the shared materials could help recover lost data.
  3. Alternative Platforms: There are many other online learning platforms that offer similar features to Edmodo. Teachers may be able to recreate their classroom resources on these platforms or upload their saved data if they have it.

It is important to note that once the data was deleted from Edmodo, it was not recoverable, not even by Edmodo themselves. Thus, it is crucial to save all important data and resources before any platform shutdowns.

For teachers and students who had free subscriptions to Edmodo, the only way to save their data was to manually export files and any other data to a personal device before the shutdown date. Edmodo instructed these users to log in to their accounts and download the content from the Edmodo Library/Backpack. However, items like Edmodo-specific files like Assignments and Quizzes, as well as content such as posts within Class/Group pages and messages, could not be downloaded and Edmodo recommended taking screenshots of these items if they needed to be preserved.

For Premium (Pro) Subscription Users, Edmodo Pro instructed schools to have their Edmodo Pro School Admin contact their Edmodo account manager as soon as possible for assistance in retrieving bulk data. Former Pro users who were unable to contact their former account manager and/or unable to log in could submit a help request or email support@edmodo.com.

Parent accounts on Edmodo were built for observational purposes and could not download any content directly. Edmodo recommended that parents take screenshots of items they wish to keep but cannot download. The company also recommended that teachers and parents ensure that connected student accounts have downloaded all necessary files and information from their own accounts.

With the shutdown of Edmodo, teachers and students who were once users of the platform are now searching for alternative ways to store and access their classroom resources. Some have turned to other online learning platforms like Google Classroom and Edredo, while others have opted for traditional storage methods like physical files or cloud storage services. Regardless of the method, it is important for educators and students to plan ahead and backup their data to ensure that they don’t lose access to their valuable classroom resources in the future.

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