Why did Edmodo shut down its Global Ed-tech B2C Platform?

Edmodo, a global edtech platform, officially shut down its free business-to-customer (B2C) platform on September 22, shifting its focus to a business-to-government (B2G) model.


The business enterprise stated it has made development in negotiations to release a B2G-primarily based totally platform in numerous markets, which includes Egypt, Thailand, and Ghana. With the Edmodo.com closure, the company expects significant savings in operational costs and will accelerate its path to achieving operational profitability, the company said.

Founded in 2008, the Online Education platform Edmodo provides online tools to connect millions of teachers with students and parents and facilitate communication. Teachers can share content, texts, videos, homework, and assignments with students through the app or website. 

Edmodo has one of the country’s largest education markets, with over 100 million registered users covering nearly 400,000 schools in over 190 countries and territories. Index Ventures, Singtel Innov8, Global Brain Corporation, and KDDI Open Innovation Fund have all invested $77.5 million in six rounds.

In 2018, Edmodo was acquired by Chinese gaming operator NetDragon for $137.5 Million. Founded in 1999, NetDragon has acquired several other edtech firms, including UK-based Proshean in 2015 and a US-based edtech firm, JumpStart in 2017. The COVID-19 pandemic is boosting Edtech around the world as most students are forced to study from home using various e-learning tools and platforms. Edtech platforms, especially those aimed at her K-12 students, could see some shift in consumer behavior as the school resumed normal operations.

Monetization remains a major challenge in this space. “Since most products have separate users and payers, startups need to find solutions to capture both student time and parental consent,” says Indonesia-based AC Ventures. founder and managing partner Adrian Li said in a recent interview with DealstreetAsia.

Another reason for him is the culture of spending money on educational products that lead to the need for market education. Content and product localization and innovation are also key to attracting customers. Many websites have developed a hybrid scheme to provide students with an Educational technology company such as BYJU, Unacademy, WhiteHat Jr., Vedantu, and FrontRow in India.

In countries like India, educational technology companies such as BYJU`S, Unacademy, WhiteHat Jr, Vedantu and FrontRow have laid off thousands of employees. In Indonesia, K-12 student-focused educational technology companies Zenius Education and Pahamify laid off workers earlier this year due to unfavorable economic conditions.

Steps to be taken by the users

Irrespective of how heartbreaking it was, Edmodo has shut down and all the loyal users of the app are in a whirlpool of searching and exploring various other apps. Here is a solution to this hunt.


Explore the best alternatives to Edmodo for users who need new software features. Edredo’s cloud-based learning management system (LMS) gives users tools to create, deliver, and track the effectiveness of eLearning programs. It helps users to create engaging interactive courses in minutes with its interactive module. Users can build as many courses and lessons as they need. 

Edredo is also a free LMS platform. Here, you will find how it is similar to Edmodo and why thousands of users are considering it the best alternative for Edmodo.

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